Merch by Amazon (launched in 2015) provided content creators an opportunity to upload their work on Amazon and get royalty from sales of those items. Initially, content creator can add only 25 designs but MBA increase upload limit for their users and now there are users with 300,000 designs quota and can upload around 15000 designs per day. We designed this service for users in higher tiers so that they can upload more designs on MBA and get more organic sales from Amazon.

We have few thousand shirts live on Amazon under the program of Merch by Amazon. OnlyShirtz is one of our top selling collection on Amazon.

There is no doubt that shirts representing professions like Soldier, Nurse, Teacher and Engineer are always in demand. There is a passionate audience of sports mom like Soccer mom, Baseball mom, softball mom etc. We offer designs on the basis of professions, hobbies, interests, political and social group. Research in relevant category is performed before making an template in order to identify main aspects of the target market. We can create Name shirts or popular Keep Calm shirts according to the instructions of client like this:

Name Shirts

Job Template

Birth Year / Birth Month

We offer complete solution from niche research to generating list of competitors in required niche. Please contact us for portfolio.